service times

Sunday School - 9:30AM

Sunday Service - 10:30am

Midweek service- Wednesday 7:00pm

The atmosphere at Calvary is extremely casual. Come as you are and experience a loving God.


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God Centered

We value putting God at the center of all that we do.  We put His glory and His honor first, asking in every decision, “Will this bring the greatest glory and praise to our God?”

Bible Saturated

We value being saturated with the Scriptures, which are God’s reliable, authoritative and sufficient revelation.  We value a growing love for the Word, as well as a deepening understanding of it in each person within our Calvary family, regardless of age.

Christ Worshiping

The essence of worship is valuing corporate worship that honors Christ and helps us to adore Him more and more highly with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength.  Worship though, is not simply a Sunday activity, but a life that we live in constant awareness of and in response to Christ’s mercy, greatness and love.

Prayer Powered

We value prayer as our amazing privilege of speaking with the King of the Universe, expressing and developing our intimate relationship with Him.  We value prayer as the source of power for all ministry endeavors.  We value praying like it depends on God and working like it depends on us.

Missions Mobilizing

We value missions and evangelism, the privilege God has given all of us of being His ambassadors, accomplishing His goal of spreading the knowledge of His glory to all the nations.  We value spreading a passion for His glory to all people: those within our church family and those outside, those who live nearby and those who live far away.

Family Strengthening

We value building up strong marriages and families, where God’s love is taught and lived out, where husbands love their wives as Christ loved the church, where wives respect their husbands, where the hearts of the parents are turned toward their children, and the hearts of children toward their parents.

Disciple Producing

We value growth in Christ-likeness in every believer, as all of us become the disciples God created us to be.  We value the way God uses ministries and services of our Calvary family as part of the growth.

Personal Priesthood

Because of the sacrifice of Christ, every barrier between God and humanity has been removed.  We have no need of a mediator except Christ Himself.  Therefore every person who comes to faith has the ability to seek God, experience His forgiveness, receive instruction and empowerment from His Holy Spirit, and minister to those around them.  Ministry at Calvary A/G is not saved for the staff only; it is the responsibility of every believer. We expect every member of our Calvary family to involve themselves in works of ministry, but we do not expect them to do so alone.  This value for growth of God’s Kingdom ultimately reveals our desire to glorify God.

People Believing

We believe in and trust one another in our Calvary Family.  Every leader places a high importance on not just completing a task, but on building Christ-centered relationships.  We value that life is done best when experienced together...learning, growing, celebrating and spending time with one another.  There is always room for more members in our Calvary Family and no member is more or less important than another.  We seek to minister equally to every person in every situation.  We value the principle that everyone is invaluable and irreplaceable.

Vision Driven

Opportunity does not necessarily equate God’s perfect will.  Every opportunity must be first viewed through the lens of our direction and vision.  No matter how great the opportunity, if it does not match our vision, it is not right for us.  It is not our only desire to draw more people into our building, it is our desire to engage more people in a relevant relationship with Christ, see their lives change and then equip them to influence others around them.

Excellence Minded

We value excellence and quality as a characteristic in everything we do.  Scripture compels us to do everything for the glory of God, thus good enough is not good enough.  This is not obsessive perfectionism but an attitude of excellence that permeates all that we do in our Calvary Family, since what we do as Christians reflects upon the King that we serve.

Authentic Lives

We value that the church must desire and demonstrate authenticity.  Church was never intended to be a place where it is wrong to be yourself.  If there is any place that you can be transparent without feeling threatened, it is at Calvary A/G.  We are the safest place to hear the most dangerous message.